Invitation to OPEN-i

Invitation to open-i
if you would like to see what we do, you can sign in at

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Here is the project description we send out when inviting new members, plus a sign up url if any of you would like to actually join the network to participate


This is to introduce you to OPEN-i, a new online community space for photojournalism, and to invite you to join the debate. You can join the community by following this linkĀ

OPEN-i is, a virtual community of practice linking photographers, agencies, publications and educational institutions in an online network with the aim of engendering a debate and discussion about the future of the medium in the world of web 2.0. One need that is absolutely key is to make the forum for debate global, and to involve practitioners from the majority world as well as from the West.

OPEN-i is supported by the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, and the World Press Photo Foundation and is funded by JISC. Initial partners include Getty Images, VII, Noor, Panos, foto8, Tisch NYU, Drik, University of Bolton, University of Westminster, and the University of Berkeley.

How will it work OPEN-I plans a series of live webinars and discussion sessions presented by leading industry professionals to an invited audience of peers, academics involved in the critical debate around images, aspiring photojournalists from the majority world, and masters level students of photography. This will be supported by a blog and a social networking group with discussion forums, homepages etc. Debates will take place monthly over a one-year initial period, and will seek to ask challenging questions about the future development of the industry. All the presentations will be archived and available for later viewing online. Also, as the webinar software is available 24/7, rooms can be easily made available online at short notice for any other debates, discussions or working groups that emerge organically from the network.

Industry Context The exponential rise of social media has created a new landscape of interaction and collaboration where the boundaries between

professional practice, citizen journalism, the subject and the audience are blurring. The practice of professional news photography and photojournalism has been transformed in the last decade by a combination of technological changes, economic developments and ethical challenges, creating an overwhelming need for the industry as a whole to debate, discuss and open dialogue both within itself but also with interested parties who engage with visual news media, a process that is difficult to undertake conventionally because of the disparate nature of the profession, spread out geographically and economically with a large number of freelance practitioners. An engagement between the industry and the academic world is essential to both for critical reflection on the issues facing the media but also to involve those entering photography in debates about its future role in society.

The link to join againĀ

Thanks, and hoping to see you all soon in the network


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